The Art of Vagina

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  1. Sabrina

    Hello !!
    I’m french and I want To say To you I like your art ! Your way of being rebel and being funny is amazing ! I give you my BIG support for this trial 🙂
    Bisou ! (Sorry I don’t speak Japanese :/)

  2. matthieu

    I M fan of your art
    Mens are not gods and womens are not things
    Can I buy à manko chan? And where Can I find it?
    Keep on the way

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  5. Katam Atamatak

    Wonderfull dear! I just got your book in Spain and it’s great! You are doing a lot for thousands of MANKO with no voice in this world and I’m glad you are strong enough to keep working and showing all the unfail things still happen in Japan. I love Japan and I love my husband (he is japanese) but many things needs change in Japan.Freedom is priority and this is going by hand with our MANKO’s freedom.
    Bien hecho! Ole tus ovarios! ( well done! hip hurra your ovaries! spanish feminist sentence)
    Katam Atamatak, Edinburgh UK



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