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Rokudenashiko/ Megumi Igarashi/ 漫画家。芸術家。3dモデラー。屁ミニスト。表現の自由暴れん坊将軍。自分のまんこで前科一犯。デコまんは無罪

31日発売、実話BUNKA超タブー 9月号 吉田豪さんの、人間国宝にてインタビュー受けました。

31日発売、実話BUNKA超タブー 9月号 吉田豪さんの、人間国宝にてインタビュー受けました。



男性週刊誌で、まんこが伏字になってないの、初めてかもしれません( ´ ▽ ` )

About the Supreme Court’s ruling:

To my supporters and related parties

Today, the Supreme Court ruled on my vagina art case.  The result was disappointing: my appeal was rejected.  I was found innocent in 2017 regarding the exhibition of my work, but I was convinced that the rest of the charges, for distribution of data, would also be transformed to “Innocent”.  So, I do not agree with the result.

This all began because I wondered “Why are female genitalia considered obscene and taboo?”, and in order to overturn its image, have been making cute, funny works.  During my trial I argued: “The female genitals that are part of my body should not be judged obscene.”  I have challenged the police and the judiciary who tried to deprive me of the freedom to express things with my body as a motif.

However the Supreme Court seems unable to escape from the old-fashioned value standard of “obscenity because it is a female genitalia”.

It is a strange thing that 3D data of my body is considered obscene while the deco-man, an art made from my body is not.  Although in advanced Western countries, regardless of gender, there is almost no arrest or detention for artistic expressions that use his/her genital as a motif, I think it is a very anachronistic judgment in 2020. I am sorry that the cooperation and efforts of the lawyers and supporters who have helped me so far have not been fully realized.

However, I still dare to call this judgment a “historical judgment.”

It is extremely rare for the Supreme Court to rule on Article 175 of the Penal Code.  In such a situation, although all my charges have not been acquitted, the appeals court confirmed that the deco-man’s work exhibition was acquitted.  Therefore my case should remain in the history of obscene trials in Japan.

Often the person who has been subject to arrest and trial may be defeated afterwards.  However I am full of freshness and motivation to create.  Before I was arrested twice in 2014, I was leading kind of a halfway life, but due to severe police interrogation in prison, my spirit and patience were greatly and paradoxically improved, and I realized the importance of freedom of expression. I was blessed with a good husband and child as a result of the coverage of my arrest spreading overseas.

When I made this experience into a cartoon “What is Obscenity? The Story of a Good for Nothing Artist and Her Pussy?”, English, French, and Spanish translations were published.  So I was able to show my works to the world. In addition, the Swiss director’s documentary film “#Female Pleasure”, which selected me as one of the “Five Women in the World” and documented my activities, won the Premio Zonta Club Locarno at the Locarno Film Festival 2018 and has been shown in many countries.

When I made a 3D printed vagina kayak, I myself didn’t have that skill and needed help.  I wanted to master it, so I started studying and as a result, I was able to acquire the skills of 3D technology before the age of 50. My new works will be on display until July 22 at “BURST Generation: Death and SEX” exhibition, which is being held at Shinjuku Ophthalmologist(Ganka) Gallery, so please come visit.

Although it was a misdemeanor only punishable by a fine, I was unreasonably detained in jail for a long time, so at first I had a grudge against the police.  But I am thankfult o them now for giving me an experience that I would not have had if I were living a normal life.  The reason I started to create my vagina art seriously was that I received a large amount of slanders and bashings on a certain internet bulletin board.   I have found that I really like to resist the unreasonable pressure of powers, organizations and groups that try to hold people down.  Doing this has become my life work.

So I will continue to work creatively and announce new works. Furthermore, in the process leading up to the Supreme Court’s decision, a lot of happiness came in. In that sense as well, I feel proud that this judgment is a “historical judgment.”

Therefore, as a small thank-you to all the supporters, I created 3D Manko-chan data. You can enjoy it by downloading from the following URL. Please accept my gift.  
https://bit.ly/2W9AD2K https://bit.ly/2W9AD2K (*Valid until August 15)





この体験を「ワイセツって何ですか?」という漫画にしたところ、英語訳、フランス語訳、スペイン語訳本が出版され、世界に作品を発表する事ができました。さらに、「世界の闘う5人の女性」の一人として、わたしの活動を取り上げた、スイス人監督によるドキュメンタリー映画「Female Pleasure」は、ロカルノ映画祭でThe Premio Zonta Club Locarno 2018 を受賞しました。



2020年7月16日    ろくでなし子こと五十嵐恵








またその間、なぜか海外のロックミュージシャン Mike Scott と出会って結婚、44歳で元気な男の子を出産しました(笑)




「バースト・ジェネレーション:死とSEX」展 “BURST Generation : Death and SEX” exhibition 7月10日〜22日迄開催

“BURST Generation : Death and SEX” exhibition


“BURST Generation : Death and SEX” exhibition
ろくでなし子、根本敬、釣崎清隆 、ピスケン 、ブライアン佐藤、
西牧徹、PONO♡FEKO 、ケロッピー前田

タイトルとした「死とSEX」は、オーストラリア・タスマニアにある「死とSEXのミュージアム」の異名をとる美術館MONAにあやかった。MONAは、古代美術と現代アートに特化したコレクションを通じ、人間の最も原初的なアートの衝動は「死とSEX」の表現にあると教えてくれる。また、「死とSEX」展は「死と未来」展(ヴァニラ画廊、2013年)の続編にあたり、「Nach Fukushima(アフターフクシマ)」展(HfG Offenbach, Frankfurt Germany 2018)に次ぐ、ケロッピー前田キュレーションによる展示となる。ご期待ください!






住所:〒102-0092 東京都千代田区隼町4-2



傍聴ができなかった場合でも、18時より、ZOOMにて報告会を行います。17時半頃に IDやパスワードをお知らせしますので、ご興味ある方は是非ご参加ください。



【作品説明】やぁみんな!まんこのようせい・まんこちゃんだよ!ぶったいを3Dスキャンして、じゆうにプリントできるかっきてきなぎじゅつをつかって、まんこアーティストのろくでなし子さんが、2014年のタイホをきっかけに、3dモデリングをべんきょうして、まんこをたのしいおもちゃにしたよ。だいいちだんは、3dLEGOまんこドール。おてもちのLEGOにくみあわせてあそんでね!(撮影:Michel Paschalis)










What I want to say again about the difference between Japanese and foreign ways of thinking about protest demonstrations against killing of George Floyd

While the number of new coronavirus infections is declining worldwide, in the United States, “Black Lives Matter”, protest demonstrations against a man killed by police officers discriminating black people became popular, and the spark is spreading all over the world. It is natural for people to stand up against black discrimination, but the riots have become radical. Some people are even attacking Nike and Apple stores and others are setting fire on buildings and cars.

President Trump said such actions were led by ANTIFA, militant, left-wing, and anti-fascist political activists and identified them as terrorists.

However, there is also a theory that these criminal acts are masquerading or inciting by Trump-supporting white supremacists. Since I live far from the United State, I do not know what the truth is.

Although it was revealed in a survey by Twitter, Inc. that the twitter account claiming to be ANTIFA was a spoofed white supremacist, I wonder if an account with only a few hundred followers could be so influential. Also, have watched the videos of people actually attacking shops. Some were white and some were colored. They seemed to be the people of all races. There seems to be no white man. In addition, I do not really have a good image for ANTIFA. The reason is because due to the mere disagreement, for many years I have been receiving harassment, such as being called as a racist, by people who claim to be ANTIFA in Japan.

And, of course, I am opposed to racism, but my home in Dublin is near the American Embassy. It would be terrifying if there was an arson or an attack near my home even in the name of black discrimination.

I agree with the demonstrations, but I am against crimes such as plunders and violence.

However, when I said so, some people especially English-speaking and Japanese living in overseas, attacked me with Twitter. “Black discrimination is more important than such a small crime!”, one said. “A small sacrifice is just for justice!”, the other told me off and labeled me as “discriminator”.

Let me say again.

(1) It is a serious problem that a black man was killed by public authority due to racism. So, I support the demonstration activities.

(2) I oppose situations where the property or life of a third party, including myself, is unduly exposed to danger.

Opinions (1) and (2) can coexist in my mind, but for some reason, many people do not understand. It felt extremely unreasonable be attacked by them when I expressed the idea (2) even after I stated (1). Why are they so extreme? 

This question has come a little after a talk with my friend, so I would like to share my thoughts with you. In short, I thought that it could be due to differences in the history and culture of the demonstrations, as well as the degree of liability in public safety, and police between Japan and foreign countries.

For example, in Japan the student movement flourished in the 1970s, an extremist student group gathered in the mountain. They tortured and killed each other and held a hostage in the cottage. They became a symbol of social evil. In the 1990s, AUM Shinrikyo caused a subway sarin incident, so the impression that “Anti-social people were terrifying when radicalized.” became stronger, I think. I also think that compared to other parts of the world, in safe country like Japan, decapitations and arsons caused by demonstrations are quite extraordinary for us Japanese.

Two years ago, youths gathered in Shibuya for Halloween to make a big fuss, not a demonstration. In countries with poor securities, it is an everyday scene and there is no arrest, but in Japan some of them were arrested and their real names were announced to the public as a warning to others. Unfortunately, each one of them would not even be able to get a proper job just by burning a light truck upside down. They are almost liquidated from society. However, we Japanese value security more than anything else. So, if there is a plunder or an arson in the demonstrations, those who have done it will be subject to social sanctions.

In some other countries where police and mafia are connected to each other, the police are corrupt and unreliable for not helping those who reported the cases or not investing them. On the other hand, Japanese police do not have obvious corruption or cozy relationships with the gangs. Although they arrest a female artist of pussy, they seem to have basically a high trust from the public for their investigative ability.

With the dark history such as the student movement in the 1970s and the terrorist act of AUM Shinrikyo, we Japanese have a lot of trust in the police and fear for deprivations and arsons. The promise of the way of thinking about demonstrations may be different between us and people in unsafe (pardon me for using this word) countries with frequent demos.

I add what I have noticed about a story about an acquaintance of mine who lived in the United States. Her favorite pouch was stolen as she left it for less than a minute in the school lavatory. She reported to her teacher. The teacher preached, “A thief has reasons. Make sure to protect your treasure.” When her relatives called the police for an office robbery, the policeman told them that criminals might not be found and so the stolen goods would not return. It seems to me that Americans think criminals have circumstances or reasons such as poverty, so people should be responsible for self-protection within the United States.

Since we Japanese strongly aware that “No matter what the circumstances, a crime is a crime.”, “We shouldn’t annoy or harm others.” and “Criminals are evil.”, it is hard for us to understand American way of thinking. When I had no idea why they think that way, but now my discomfort disappeared. There is no help for it because the ways of thinking towards crimes are different. Therefore, obviously it is not a matter of comparing the superiority of cultural standard between two countries.

Even with these differences, I would say again that I am in favor of the demonstrations because it is a serious issue that black man was killed by public authority due to racism. However, I am against situations where the property and life of third parties, including myself, are wrongfully exposed to danger.

It is because we all do not want to be attacked on our shops or residence. If I were told “A small sacrifice is unavoidable.”, I would be angry not only with those who said so but also with the people who participated in the demonstration. It still is unreasonable for someone to get hurt or suffer damage even if it is much smaller compared to black discrimination. There will be another hatred and fights and discriminations will never end.

The chain of barren anger should be broken.

Shouldn’t we consider protest demonstrations and crimes such as plunders and arsons separately?

In Black Lives Matter, there was a demonstration that allowed the American flag to be run over by a car. Although expressions to stain, trample, destroy or burn something are not what I like, I do not stop them at all because we all have freedom of expression. I just want to express my hate of police officers in cute and happy ways in my works.

Discrimination is something that is in everyone’s mind, so I think it is difficult to eradicate. However, I hope everyone in the world can live in peace, and happiness by reducing it as much as possible.

In this text, I used the phrase “the American way of thinking”, but of course, since it is a country of all races, I do not say that all Americans think the same way.

I speculated that it might be a particularly prominent feature of those who attacked me on Twitter.

元ミスiDのアイドルの方にツイートを誤訳された事で、mixed race の人達への差別や、彼らにとっての「外国人」という言葉の重みを改めて考えた事など。

黒人殺人事件への抗議デモ”Black Lives Matter”に、わたしの意見をツイートすると、主に海外在住者の人達から理不尽な批判を受ける。というのは前回のブログに書きました。

繰り返しますが、わたしは、デモには賛成ですが、略奪や暴力行為などの犯罪には反対で、抗議目的のデモと略奪行為や放火など(犯罪)ははっきり分けて考えるべきだと思います。わたしのツイートを極端に解釈する人達のアカウントをざっと眺めたところ、英語のリプライだと、一見、英語圏の(日本人ではない人種で欧米人などの)外国人かな?と思いやすいのですが、彼らは英語が堪能な在外日本人か、ハーフジャパニーズのmixed raceか、日本人ではないが日本に住んだことがある日本文化に馴染みある人達だと気づきました。わたしは、たまに英語の勉強がてら、英文ツイートもするのですが、日本人ではない諸外国(欧米など)の人にはあまり絡まれません。それが英語であっても、彼らにとって、アジア人のわたしのツイートは特に興味がないのでしょう。

結局、わたしのツイートに関心を寄せるのは、英語が堪能な在外日本人かハーフジャパニーズのmixed raceか日本人ではないが日本に住んだことがあるなど日本文化に馴染みのある人達です。(日本人ではない人種で欧米人などの)外国人にとってはアジア人は関心が無いのでしょう。わたし自身、それは仕方のない事だと思います。いくら頑張ってもネイティブのようには話せず片言の英語なら、読む方も楽しくない。わたしも、英語や様々な言語の人のツイートを読もうとしたら、落ち着いて言語を理解せねばならず、気軽に見たいtwitterでは疲れてしまいますので、お互い様です。




こんな事を言われたら、自分を日本人だと思っているmixed raceの人達が怒りだすわけです。「そんなに興味がない」という部分も「I barely interested in」などにすべきなのに、わざと「I don’t care about」という非常にキツイ英文にされています。I don’t care とは、わたしの親戚の子が悪態をつくときによく使う言葉です。また、彼女はtwitterの日本語翻訳を参考にしたのでしょう。これだと細かいニュアンスがザックリ省略されることが多くてわたしは以前から疑問でした。

とにかく、わたしが言いたかったこととはまるで違う事を言われた上に、その誤訳を何の疑いもなく信じた人々に、次々と絡まれたのは、ショックでした。わたしの息子もハーフジャパニーズ、ハーフスコティッシュのmixed raceで、日本とアイルランド国籍を持っています。当然、息子は「日本人であり、アイルランド人です」。大切な我が子と同じ属性の人を、わたしが差別したりバカにするとしたら、どうかしています

My son is half Japanese and half Scottish. I never discriminate mixed race people you know.Twitter translate is just wrong. I know that mixed race people were deeply hurt by discrimination. 




この方は、日本で地下アイドルを目指していた愛美奈・デュジャンさんという方で、日本国籍ではないものの、日本に非常に馴染みのある方の様です。詳しい関係者によると、日本にいた時はmixed raceコミュニティにもいたそうなので、mixed raceのフォロワーさんが多いのもうなづけます。

黒人と同じく、アジア人も欧米では差別されます。また同じ日本人同士でも、mixed race  の日本人は日本で差別やいじめにあいます。愛美奈さんがなぜわたしに意地悪をしたかといえば、日本にいた時に「日本人のアイドルの様にしたいのに、見た目などによってあまりそう見てもらえない疎外感」が根底にあったからではないか?と思うと、彼女の苛立ちにも納得することはできます。なぜなら、日本人のアイドルといえば、日本人の9割を占める「アジア人の様な見た目を持つ人」が主流だからです。彼女の仲間や友達であるmixed raceの日本人もまた、「日本人なのに、日本人として見られない疎外感」を強く感じながら生きて来たのではないかと思います。

わたしが自分の息子と同じ属性の人を差別することなどないと、言わなくてもわかるはずだと思っていましたが、わたしはmixed raceではないですし、彼らが日本で受けた「異質な人扱い」への悲しみや怒りは、わたしには計り知れない物だったでしょう。子供時代に日本とアメリカのmixed race の子がいましたが、やっぱりいじめられていました。日本はアジア人の特徴を持つ見た目の人が9割なので、見た目や肌色の違いを個性とは受け取られづらく、目立つ人は、残念ながら日本ではいじめられやすいです。おまけにまんこで逮捕された女の息子です。だから、子育てするなら様々な人種がクラスにいるのが当たり前なアイルランドの方が、わたしも正直、安心です。この様に、日本では安心して息子を育てられないと思ってしまうほど、mixed raceの人へのいじめや差別が厳然とあるのです。






I wish you all the happiness.Xxx

*追記;この件をtogetterまとめられましたので、掲載します。日本語が異なる意味で世界に伝わってしまう恐怖。~ろくでなし子さんの場合~ – Togetter