I Stand Against the “Ban Child Sex Dolls” Petition

(by Rokudenashiko, translated by MayNyanNyan;@satsumaMay

There seems to be another unsettling free expression restriction movement. This time they are trying to ban love dolls (primarily ones which look human in order to simulate sex).

After some research, I found out that this petition was created by American activists a couple of years ago, but recently I came across it on Twitter. Seeing many people agreeing with the petition, I was alarmed that there are over 170,000 names on the petition.

I read the English introduction to this petition, and found out that this activist describes those who use love dolls as “[t]hese child sex dolls can normalize a pedophile’s behaviors, emboldening them to harm children, as is often the case with those who view child pornography.” Love doll users are described as if they are going to become criminals.

Is this not an extreme bias and discrimination against love doll users?

Of course, sexual abuse towards real life children should never be condoned, and those who assault children in this way should be punished heavily.  And of course, the true aim of the petition, which is to end sexual assault crimes, is correct.

However, those who use the dolls for self-pleasure are merely using a doll, and are not hurting anybody.

In this world, there are many different kinds fo sexual preferences.  There are people sexually attracted to and aroused by the presence of someone of a different sex or gender, and those who are exclusively attracted to the same sex or gender. There are people who are sexually attracted to people of all genders, to dolls, to little girls or boys, to shoes, to buildings, and to inanimate objects that look nothing like humans. There are people who wish to hurt or eat others for sexual gratification, as well as people who do not feel sexual desires at all.

Whatever the character of a sexual desire (or the nonexistence of it), and even if nobody can understand it, nobody has the right to invade other people’s freedom to feel how they feel.  As long as that person does not harm real life beings, and only becomes sexually aroused within their fantasies, that is not a crime.

It is regrettable and quite unsettling that even such a simple principle cannot be understood by those whose emotions of disgust, fear, and unforgiving anger become their primary motivation behind actions and words.

I am not sexually or romantically attracted to other women. However, perhaps for some gays or lesbians, being able to love a person of different sex or gender may seem disgusting. We live in a world where heterosexuals are the overwhelming numerical majority, but it is up to individuals to decide what they like or do not like. Negating another person’s sexual preference or attraction because you cannot understand it, is I believe, an outright discrimination.

It was not so long ago that people attracted to the same sex or gender were harshly discriminated as a “sick and disgusting existence” in society. Today, as the term LGBT has come into common language, such sexuality is much more accepted. A society that supports diversity yet tries to restrict love doll users is acting against the principle of accepting and celebrating diversity. As a feminist, I strongly oppose this petition.

Recently, there has been a series of similarly unsettling cases against free expression and the freedom to feel a certain way, such as the protest against the Uzaki chan blood donation poster, LoveLive’s Mikan poster, as well as demanding for Takashi Okamura to be fired from his NHK show, and this petition against love dolls. Quite frankly, I am becoming tired of expressing my opposition to every single case.

It is much more fun studying about 3dCG or thinking about the plarail (plastic train models) I play with my son. Those activities make me forget about time, and make me feel extremely fulfilled, so to be honest, I do not want to talk about these issues.

However, I am blocked by Japanese feminist academics on Twitter, and if I remain silent, my protest would be treated as if it did not exist. Even if it is a tiring and cumbersome work, I must continue to express my opposition.

And I want to say to those who began this petition or have agreed to it:

Why are you criticizing people or things that you dislike and will never have to interact with? I find it far more enjoyable to pass time doing something I love.



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