My current situation

I’d like to describe my legal situation in English because I’m learning the language.

I was found not guilty on one count, but I was found guilty on another count in the high court.
I had to appeal to the supreme court.
The not guilty verdict was for when I took an impression of my vagina and then made a mold.   I decorated it and therefore it wasn’t considered an obscenity.
However, with regard to the 3D data of my vagina, since I had to give something in return for the funds I received, that was considered an obscenity.
I also scanned my vagina and with the 3D data I enlarged it to make a kayak.
The Japanese police also considered this 3D data an obscenity, and therefore I was arrested.
In Japan, it is legal to produce very violent porn as long as we black out the vagina and penis.
Japanese court will usually decide in line with what the police wants.
If I am found guilty in the supreme court I will have to pay a 400,000 yen (4,000€)hefty penalty.
I’m pissed off.

However, I greatly appreciate the Japanese police, because their arrest of me led to articles about my case going around the world, and therefore I met my husband and got a very lovely baby!!!
They made me happy because they were like an unintentional dating agency for me and my husband.
Thank you Japanese police! I love you!



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