indiegogo ‘Gender, Genitor, Genitalia – Rokudenashiko Tribute’ろくでなし子事件にインスパイアされた香港のアート展示企画のクラウドファンドが立ち上がりました( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

    Our goal is to realize an exhibition ‘Gender, Genitor, Genitalia – Rokudenashiko Tribute’, the exhibition that was inspired by the incident of Rokudenashiko, who was arrested by her art works and now in the trial.

Firstly, we think it is important to let people know what is happening in Japan. Not only with Rokudenshiko, but also those LGBT artists in Japan who have been warned or arrested under the Obscenity Laws in the past three years. People in Hong Kong are aware of freedom of artistic expression and we believe that it is significant to realize this project in Hong Kong, a hub in Asia and also a location that is highly aware of, even threatened by, authoritarian politics. 
Secondly, relating to Rokudenashiko’s incident, we will try to examine feminism in art and digital obscenity in this exhibition, within the context of the Hong Kong and Japanese experience. Through the works of art in this exhibition, and information provided about the Rokudenashiko case, we will be rethinking issues around feminism and genitalia in a cultural and political context. 
Additionally, hold a feminist exhibition featuring relatively young artists in Asia is important as not many shows have had this focus. 
Overall, we attempt to 1: revisit feminist art and works that directly refer to genitalia, 2: raise the issue of censorship through the case of Rokudenashiko, and 3: support Megumi Igarashi (the artist known as Rokudenashiko), who was arrested for creating artwork representing her vagina, and distributing 3D data of her vagina on the internet. 
We support Rokudenashiko by exhibiting her works and selling her ‘Sof Vi Manko Chan’ character, and donating the proceeds to the cost of her trial.

Title: Gender, Genitor, Genitalia –Rokudenashiko Tribute

Date: 29th August 2015 to 20th September 2015
Venue: Woofer Ten 活化廳
404, Shanghai Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Participating Artists:
Makoto Aida 会田誠
Michael Leung 梁志剛 
Phoebe Man 文晶瑩
Lam Hoi Sin 林愷倩
Sputniko! スプツニ子!
ROBOT (John Miller and Takuji Kogo)
Rokudenashiko ろくでなし子
Ryoko Suzuki 鈴木涼子
Chan Mei Tung 陳美彤
K Y Wong 黃嘉瀛

実現されたら、香港の Woofer Ten (活化廳)にて、会田誠さんやスプツニ子!さん等の作品や、わたしの作品も展示予定です。


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